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Sauna Sessions

We utilize an infrared sauna system at Prairie Escape Wellness Center. An infrared sauna uses light to penetrate and heat the body directly rather than the steam a traditional sauna uses. This allows you to more quickly and directly absorb the benefits of your time in the sauna.


​Book for a 20, 30, or 40 minute session.

Sauna Cancellation Policy (eff. 3/14/2023): All sessions that are cancelled 4 hours or less to the assigned session start time, will be charged full rate of the session.  This also applies to No Shows, the full rate will be assessed.  Thank you for understanding. 


Benefits of a Sauna Session

  • Opening up pores to allow for clearer & tighter skin

  • Refreshing your your blood system to get it flowing correctly and improve your circulation

  • Releasing toxins through sweat

  • Improved sleep

  • Muscle and joint pain relief

  • All around relaxation

First Time?

Here's what you need to know if it's your first time booking an infrared sauna session:

We recommend starting with a 30 min session to allow your body enough time to begin to sweat. It typically takes your body longer to sweat in your first sauna session (likely around 18 minutes) but the more often you do it, the quicker your body will start to sweat (even around 4-5 minutes in).

We only schedule one session per hour to allow our guests the flexibility of adjusting their session. You can easily extend your session while in the sauna for an additional 10-20 minutes. We'll only charge for the time you are in the sauna.

Each sauna session includes towel service, chromotherapy, & music options.

  • What is an infrared sauna and how is it different than a traditional steam sauna?
    An infrared sauna uses light to create heat, unlike a traditional steam sauna which uses water and hot stones to heat the air around you. The infrared light gives off infrared radiant heat which penetrates deep into the skin and the tissues, muscles, and cells. This increases the oxygen flow and circulation within the body and produces a detoxifying sweat to eliminate substances accumulated in your body.
  • What are some of the benefits of infrared sauna?
    Beyond the incredible relaxation effect of infrared sauna therapy, it also increases endorphin levels, helps with muscle fatigue and recovery, supports weight loss and aids in increasing metabolism, reducing cellulite, increasing blood flow and boosting immunity.
  • How do I prepare for my sauna session?
    Hydrate Up! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your session. We recommend you eat a light meal prior to coming in to avoid feeling faint or light headed. The sauna will activate your cardiovascular system, increasing your heart rate (much like a walk or jog).
  • What do I bring for my sauna session?
    We want you to be comfortable during your experience, so we suggest wearing light, loose clothing, for before and after your session. We will provide towels and have water available for you.
  • What do I wear in the sauna?
    We recommend a swimsuit or lightweight and loose clothing. Shorts and a tank top or sports bra is fine as well.
  • What if I feel faint or overheated?
    Any time you feel discomfort, you are free to exit the sauna immediately. Your session time if your time, so if you'd like to step out for a bit and then re-enter the sauna, that's okay.
  • What do I need to do after my sauna session?
    Hydration is important, please drink plenty of water. You may want to rest and take it easy to allow your body time to recuperate after releasing so many toxins.
  • How hot does it get in the sauna?
    Optimum temperature for an infrared sauna session ranges between 110-130°F. The results of infrared sauna use are progressive, meaning the more you do it, the more results or changes you will see. Depending on your personal goals for sauna use, you can come as often as you like. We recommend 2-3 sauna sessions a week to see progressive benefits. Daily use is safe as well. You may notice that it takes a longer time to break a sweat during your first few sessions as your body becomes more accustomed to raising your core temperature more consistently. Your sweat output will increase in intensity and start earlier as you do more sessions.
  • How is the sauna cleaned?
    Our cabin sauna is made from Canadian Cedar wood which is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Infrared lighting and the high temperatures are also natural disinfectants. We use hospital grade disinfectant to wipe down surfaces and use proper procedures to clean and store our linens.


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